Two-Story Home Design With Natural Nuance Modern Interior


Two-Story Modern Home With Basement In South Korea

Two-story home design with basement designed by South Korean architect. It is not luxuriously presented in view. Even with simple exterior and interior design wooden material and translucent glass windows, doors, ceiling- you still can have extent of view in this large residence. Surrounded by the beauty of outdoor nature you can enjoy anytime; another handmade-nature in the house building with chic pathway on the first floor can also mesmerize your eyes.

The architect puts Korea characteristic on the facade design. Wooden and concrete material mixtures. Positioned in the edge of the street, the house has open hallway. To park your vehicles, parking area is provided in the basement.It could be for the safety. Besides parking area, the basement has guest house and boiler room too.

On the first floor, we first will find living, dining, and kitchen space in line. Not many furniture arrayed, there are hanging lamps in the living area, also with a set of sofa in front of the huge translucent glass window which helping you to get direct front garden view with plants standing tall outside. With the mixtures color of yellow and white on the ceiling, there is impression of smart and joyfulness here.

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You can also find the same touch in another room with the wooden veneer floor; which is fully painted in yellow on the ceiling and the wall. It looks alive and will gets your bore away. While if you take a look at the corridors in the different areas of the house, you will find their discrete floor, one is of wooden material -like a deck-, another is of tail, innovative enough.


Two-Story Home Design

One interesting idea of this house is that the courtyard in the middle of the two buildings. With stone pathway leading either to the stairs to go up, or the room in front, it is a fresh view that you will get when you walk around or enjoy it from the adjacent building. Bamboo trees, gravels ,a couple of pots and other plants “decorates” this indoor garden. With translucent glass ceiling, you can let the sun light reach your garden for its growing.
And what about the second floor? It is simply for family’s activity of sleeping, dressing, and gathering for there is a family hall provided to you and your family for your spare time.

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Overall, this house can accommodate your family activity with the two buildings and addition of courtyard to explore. Natural nuance home design, either inside or outside, plus the basement can welcome your guests or relatives very well. Really nice place to live in or to stay at in holidays.

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