Contemporary White Residence Interior Design


The white tone is still one of the most favorite ones used for home interior. It is because the ease you will earn when you are choosing the furniture to be brought inside; we all know any color will fit the white tone easily. And today, we will show you a contemporary white residence designed by Daniel Bergman and Niklas Hansen. This Scandinavian home will be a great inspiration for you; when you want to add the contemporary and artistic touch in your soon-to-be white all-white dwelling!

Stepping inside the living room of this gorgeous white residence; you will find the instant splash of color from the wall bookshelf. Don't forget about the colorful flowers placed on the breakfast bar on the kitchen; that shares same space as the living space. You can also see splash of bright orange as the accent wall and on the modern coffee table along with the weathered rustic pieces seen on the chair and sideboard, which are arranged in harmony with the modern black sofa. Decorating the sleek black flooring is the gorgeous rug in black and white stripes. You can also see the glass windows covered by white sheers and decorated with potted green plant as to make this space appears brighter and airy as well.

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Moving to the dining room, the stripped rug in red and orange defines the coziness within this space. See also the eclectic dining set that combines the all-white chairs and the rustic wooden ones along with the wooden yet sleek dining table. Decorating the white walls in this space are gorgeous framed artworks in black, white; and wooden nuance displayed in unique arrangement for aesthetic purpose. And do you notice the gorgeous rounded lighting in grand size?

The black and white bedroom itself cannot be described well than stylish. Rather than appear to be plain and boring; the combination of both neutral colors result in the eye-catching one which will make you feel cozy as well. The gorgeous white residence interior for this space features the white furniture with black hint; and sometimes in grey which can be seen on the grey drapes to cover the windows and fabulous silver decor placed on the white, modern dressers. What will make you want to leave this room when you have fluffy pillows and bed to cuddle you during the weekends?

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contemporary white residence contemporary white residence contemporary white residence contemporary white residence contemporary white residence contemporary white residence

contemporary white residence contemporary white residence

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